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A family of companies with a decentralised organisation and compact holding structure calls for strong divisional leadership. We will continue to invest in people through employee training, by attracting top talent for key positions and by offering development programmes across all levels of management within the group.

For the generations to come

We commit to contributing to a healthy planet by providing reusable load carriers and high-quality pool pallets, saving not only valuable (virgin) wood, but also cutting carbon emissions from transport and production. Safeguarding the wellbeing of our family and future generations is, has been and will always be our main priority.

We are confident that our future is rich in opportunities, with technology impacting both the global economy and our daily lives. In this rapidly changing world, new industry developments can become commonplace in but a few years’ time, impacting the traditional retail supply chain.

Our future is digital

The digitisation of the supply chains will continue. As a result, our company is becoming increasingly data driven. In line with our vision and strategy, we continue to invest in its organisation, IT systems and in development programmes to explore innovative technologies.

Our future is sustainable

Our vision is to become the most sustainable pallet pooler and producer with regard to people, planet and prosperity. Sustainability is at the core of our business. Relying on a steady stream of timber for the production of our products, we will continue to protect our core resource through responsible forestry and circular business practices.