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Investing in people is something we are passionate about at Faber Group. We want to support our employees in the best way and offer them opportunities to develop themselves to full potential.

Our principles

  • We identify, encourage, enable and develop leadership within the Faber Group
  • We create, support and continually improve professional HR processes
  • We contribute to an organisational culture centred on positive encouragement, continuous improvement, ownership and empowerment

Our tools

  • E-Volve: our onboarding, learning and development platform to empower all our employees
  • A talent management program for young professionals
  • Regular employee satisfaction surveys

“We want to create an environment in which you feel encouraged to keep growing and in which you can encourage your colleagues to do the same. With ownership of your own development, supported by continuous awareness of your targets and progress.”

Jolien Dirne, Human Resources Director

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