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Tobias Lorke

Beside his job as a customer service manager for IPP Germany, Tobias Lorke volunteers with the fire brigade in the city of Halver, Nordrhein-Westfalen. Last year, he helped fight a huge forest fire in Wixberg, an area in which unexploded ammunition from the World War II was uncovered.

He has recently celebrated his five-year anniversary as a volunteer fireman and we hope he will be celebrating many, many more with us as well. He is a true hero, Tobias. We are honoured to have him in our family.

Luz da Cruz

As the Planning Representative at IPP Madrid, Luz da Cruz ensures that customer orders are processed quickly and swiftly. But she does much more than that; Luz has been sponsoring a child in need for a few years now, because she believes children are both our most vulnerable and valuable asset.

Luz da Cruz: “I’ve developed a strong bond with the community of the child I support financially. Now I understand how we can change the lives of children in need and offer them a secure future. When you sponsor a child, you really change two lives: the child’s and your own.”

Nicole Oye

Director of Operations Nicole Oye at PAKi Logistics, is a trained scuba diver, exploring new waters whenever she can. She, her husband and her friends started diving up plastic when they were confronted with the vastness of the problem, on the water surface and below.

Everywhere they go, they make a small contribution to the world’s fight against plastic by getting waste out of the sea and into the recycling bin.