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Today, we have a comprehensive CSR strategy complete with well-defined goals and targets to strive for sustainability in everything we do.

We embrace circularity and respect

The raw material of our load carriers is sustainable timber, sourced from responsibly managed forests. For every tree that is harvested, five are planted in its place. In addition, we have adopted a circular pallet pooling system based on the concept of re-use to minimise our carbon footprint as well as our customers’. Our pallets are collected, carefully assessed and repaired when needed and redistributed until they reach the end of their lifespan. After approximately ten years, they are recycled into new pallets – and the cycle repeats.

Respect is key in our company. We genuinely respect our environment, our customers and all the unique individuals who add to our success on a daily basis. Each of us has to make an effort to reduce our footprint and protect the environment. At Faber Group, we believe that businesses can thrive while allowing the environment to prosper. With a business model based on circularity, we prove that responsible practices can go hand in hand with excellent service and top-quality products.

We contribute to a sustainable world

We have been monitoring our sustainability performance since 2017. Every year, we carefully set our goals for the coming period to continue improving our track record. Circularity is the common thread in our sustainability strategy – it is what binds us and defines us as a group. Through responsible forestry and recycling, we want to protect the resources we all rely on.

"We set the bar high: as a group, we want to become the world's most sustainable producer and pooler of pallets and crates" Ingrid Faber, Chief Executive Officer Faber Group