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PRS Green Label

In July 2019, PRS Pooling launched the PRS Green Label, a quality label for businesses that support the circular economy. The new label was quickly embraced by the petrochemicals and polymers industry, a sector that understands sustainability is an absolute necessity.

Rinus de Kok, Commercial Director PRS: “We have built ourselves a solid, green foundation, one that drives every single one of us. Whether it’s the people working in the Finance department or those who are responsible for the collection of our carrier loads, we all know what we do it for. We share the same passion.”

PAKi Logistics e-Voucher

The PAKi Logistics e-Voucher gives transport companies the option of digitally managing pallet transport and rental services. It prevents carriers from travelling unloaded and helps cut carbon emissions by shortening transport distances. When a retailer issues an e-Voucher to the transport company, the online e-Voucher tool automatically generates a code that provides a unique identification for the specific transaction. For increased flexibility, the e-Voucher is valid for 12 months and can be transferred to third-party PAKi Logistics accounts across Europe.

David Mayo, COO PAKi Logistics, explains: “by taking the physical exchange of pallets into the digital world, both transport companies and retailers can benefit from total visibility and immediate stock apportionment enabling more agile and sustainable pallet management.”

Uber Freight Partnership

The brand-new freight division of digital platform Uber has turned to IPP Pooling to help it cut empty running on its newly established routes.

Dan Buczkowski, head of Europe Expansion at Uber Freight: "The partnership between IPP and Uber Freight is a natural fit. Uber Freight develops technology that enables shippers to move freight seamlessly and in real-time, with unseen transparency and reliability. Together, we can address some of the key challenges in the freight industry by improving operational efficiency and making every kilometre count.”