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SDG 3: Good health and well-being

Health is essential for sustainable development, both physical health and mental well-being. To contribute to the health of our family members, we have a dedicated human resource management program, we participate in running contests, provide fresh fruit at work and organise sports activities and boot camps on a regular basis. We also facilitate teleworking and working from home for those who can.

SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

Everyone who can work must get the opportunity to do so under good working conditions, which in its turn stimulates sustainable economic growth. As an international group of companies, we use specialised ICT tools to support international collaboration, we have a talent management program in place and have launched a project dedicated to sustainable employment in the wood industry. We also pay attention to ergonomics in the workplace, climate and air supply systems, self-improvement projects and safety projects at production sites.

SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

By providing responsibly produced and circular load carriers, we reduce the climate impact of our customers as well as our own. We have strict ethical sourcing policies and we repair and reuse our load carriers until they reach the end of their lifespan. After which they are either used as biomass for the heating of our factories or repurposed as floorboards for horse stables. To reduce our impact even further, we use for example electric forklifts, energy-efficient computers and sheep as natural lawnmowers. Overall, our goal is to reuse at least 95% of our products and recycle our waste.

SDG 13: Climate action

We use wood for the production of our pallets, which is a renewable resource that we source responsibly to produce sustainable load carriers. However, we still rely on fossil fuel for the transportation of our products. Therefore, we commit to optimising our network and looking into alternative energy options. Regarding our offering we are continuously innovating our pallet pooling services and products for our customers.

SDG 15: Life on land

90% of the wood we use already originates from sustained forests with PEFC™ or FSC® certification, but we aim for no less than 100%. We have also implemented lean and green techniques to reduce waste and deliver high-quality products and have achieved ISO2009:2015 certification for our quality management system. Additionally, we have set up a special Faber Halbertsma Group Fund to support projects promoting biodiversity and a greener, healthier environment.