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Faber Group Sustainability Report

Sustainability is embedded in the core of our circular load carrier pooling business and in our hearts! With the Faber Group Sustainability Report, we now make our efforts and ambitions tangible and visible. The report outlines our Faber Group sustainability strategy and Faber Development Goals. It also includes the result of a baseline measurement of our footprint as Faber Group as a whole, per division and per type of activity. We used this to set tangible KPI’s to eventually become a ‘net-zero’ company by 2045.

Click this link to read our Sustainability Report! Or download it below.

What we do

Pallets should be at your disposal whenever and wherever you need them, without you having to think twice about it. At Faber Group, we understand this. We provide sustainable, cost efficient and circular pallet and pooling services and products that provide complete peace of mind. Wherever you are in Europe and whatever line of business you may be in.

Family of companies

A diversified group of specialist pooling businesses, we are one of Europe’s preeminent suppliers of sustainable pallet products and pooling services. With our pallet production partners, well-established pooling service providers and local presence, we can offer a fitting solution for any pallet requirement. Meet the whole Faber Group family.

Sustainable closed pallet & box pooling services for the FMCG and recycling industry.

Sustainable open pooling services for exchangeable standardised load carriers.

Sustainable closed pallet pooling services for the polymer industry.

Satim sources Kiln Dried and fresh sawn sustainable timber across Europe.

Sustainable open pooling services for grade load carriers.

Circularity is the way to go

Corporate social responsibility is part of our DNA. We have always believed we, as a company, have a responsibility towards our employees, our customers and our environment in the broadest sense of the word. Only by focusing equally on people, planet, performance and profit can we create a sustainable world together. That has been our shared ambition for three generations now.

The Faber Group Fund

In 2018, we created our own charity fund: the Faber Group Fund. This Fund aims to focus specifically on initiatives that promote biodiversity and a greener, healthier environment. As part of this fund we partner up with LandLife Company.