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Faber Group…

  • An international family company specialized in load carrier services.
  • Consisting of several specialist pooling businesses (IPP, PAKi, PRS and vPOOL), and a sustainable timber supplier (Satim) throughout Europe.
  • Always Carrying Impact.
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...strives for sustainable growth and value creation.

  • Our core business, providing circular load carriers on a pay-per-use basis, drives sustainability and profit at the same time.

  • The more customers choose for our services, the more impact we create by improving their supply chains’ sustainability

  • Digitalisation of our business is a key enabler for both value creation and sustainability.

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Why Poolwise (1) In the media
05 July 2024

Faber Group Sustainability report 2023

Faber Group, has released its Sustainability Report over 2023 to disclose its sustainability efforts, KPI’s and ambitions to all stakeholders. The report shows stable results on all areas of the Faber Group sustainability strategy, such as the development of footprint as Faber Group as a whole, per division and per type of activity.

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23 February 2024

Visit Faber Group at SITL fair Paris!

Faber Group is present at the the SITL logistics fair in Paris from March 19-21 2024 with our divisions IPP, PAKi and PRS.

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20 February 2024

Andrew Berkhout joins Faber Group as Chief Digital Officer

We are glad to welcome Andrew Berkhout, who will join Faber Group per March 1st as Chief Digital Officer. Andrew will be responsible for the implementation of our Digitalization strategy enabling our organization to make the next step in carrying impact and creating value.

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