IPP - The pallet pooling experts for boxes and pallets

IPP provides pallet pooling services to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry in large parts of Western Europe.

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Easy to work with

We provide local support, are accessible, knowledgeable, transparent and 24/7 available. We offer fixed fees with pro-active support and clear, understandable invoices

Working with high standards

Quality is part of our DNA, our pallets are made to last from solid, certified and sustainable wood. We repair pallets to specification – not percentage, we simply deliver what we agree upon

Going the extra mile

We collaborate in different forms, including inhouse depot activities and investments. With a long-term strategy and history dating back from 1891 we are here to stay

About IPP

IPP is a vital part of demanding and fast-moving supply chains, operating a circular re-use system for high quality pallets and boxes. IPP works extensively with well-known brands, producers and retailers, delevering the right quantity & quality at the right place and time – wherever needed.

Working with IPP is easy and saves money, working together seamlessly across supply chains. Always putting the customer first.


IPP also includes Poolservice, which manages Stichting Versfusts crates pool, which is used in the Dutch fresh-food industry. For more information, see www.pool-service.nl (Dutch).

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