Faber Group Sustainability Report 2022

Faber Group publishes its first Sustainability Report, aims to become ‘net zero’ in 2045

07 July 2023

Faber Group has released its first Sustainability Report over 2022 to disclose its sustainability efforts, KPI’s and ambitions to all stakeholders.

This report outlines the Faber Group sustainability strategy and Faber Development Goals. These goals are inspired on the UN Sustainable Development Goals 12 (Responsible Production & Consumption), 13 (Climate Action) and 17 (Partnerships), the areas in which Faber Group makes most impact.

The report also includes the result of a baseline measurement of Faber Group’s footprint - as a whole, per division and per type of activity. This has been used to set tangible KPI’s to gradually decrease the company’s footprint and eventually become a ‘net-zero’ company by 2045.

Ingrid Faber, CEO of Faber Group, says: “With our Sustainability Report we would like to share our sustainability ambitions in a transparent and measurable way, which we will update on a yearly basis. The report clearly outlines where we can make most significant impact – which is by providing circular load carrier pooling solutions to our customers to make their supply chains more sustainable. Within our own operations we can reduce the footprint of our logistics and optimizing the lifecycle of our load carriers. That’s why our strategy - Carrying Impact- is based on accelerating digitalization and sustainability. The interaction between those pillars is essential for our value creation”.


The Faber Group Sustainability Report can be found on faber.group or by following this link.