IPP welcomes Pool Service

IPP welcomes Pool Service!

01 September 2022

Pool Service becomes part of IPP Benelux as per today, September 1st. Pool Service manages the crate pool of Stichting Versfust, which consists of more than 28 million crates that are used by Dutch fresh food producers and retailers.

The pool that Pool Service manages consists of 28 million plastic crates that are used by more than 400 Dutch producers of fresh products and most Dutch retailers. The ownership of these crates remains with Stichting VersFust (SVF), a non-profit organization of the Dutch retail and food producers sector organizations CBL and FNLI. The pool management service consists of planning and managing the logistics flows of the VersFust pool, including inventory management, contract management and financial management.

Marc Moerkerken, general manager Pool Service a.i: “Pool Service is an attractive new part of  IPP, as it fits in with our growth and digitization strategy. The Versfust Foundation has chosen IPP as its pool management partner for several reasons: we are an organization with broad expertise in pool management and we are part of the Faber Group family business, with more than 100 years of expertise in load carriers.

VersFustpool crates are used to transport fresh food products  from producers to distribution centres of retailers and then to supermarkets. After use, the empty crates are returned to collection points -usually the retailer's distribution centre/depot- and then returned to the producers for the next cycle. The producers make an initial payment when they join the pool for the desired number of crates and an annual fee per crate. For more information, see: www.pool-service.nl