PRS Green Label digitalisation

PRS Green Label certificate in 2022 goes digital!

04 October 2022

Last week PRS launched the 4th edition of the PRS Green Label. This is always a very special moment for PRS, because in this way we can give our cooperating partners recognition for their support and the work they have done. It is an acknowledgment that everyone in the pooling system cares for the environment. In the background the PRS team has worked very hard to make this year’s Green Label even more special: we launched the very first digital PRS Green Label!

Why a digital PRS Green Label

PRS’ pooling system is driven by circular and sustainable ambitions. It is our goal to re-use our pallets within our network as often as possible. In line with our sustainability strategy, we felt the urge to have a critical look at the physical rollout of the PRS Green Label and decided to launch a digital PRS Green Label. Not only is this more sustainable (no printing, no packaging, no shipment of over 5.000 PRS Green Labels), but it also gives a lot of benefits in terms of efficiency. The digital platform allows to share the PRS Green Label very easy via LinkedIn or the company’s website.

We already received a lot of positive responses from converters and distributors about the digital PRS Green Label and we hope that many more spread the word.

Let’s pool together!